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Boku no MaMa-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki [English]

Title: Boku no MaMa-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki
"My MaMa-chan (43) Development Diary"
Mangaka: Nekohakushaku *Count Cat
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Scalation: Unknown
Year: 2016- Ojayism in Focus | Not licensed |
Translation Japanese-English: Kiri Yami

Edition: Kiri Yami

Summary: Maeda Mamoru is a 43 year old man who has never had any luck in his love life since he was very young, because since 30 years ago he has dedicated his life to acting. The series that has filmed during the last 5 years "Black Panther" has brought him the greatest fame, starring next to his companion Shirasu Christopher. But a successful series will always be wrapped by fandom, and Maeda and Shirasu will not be able to escape the creations of their fujoshis fans. Soon even in his real life this problem also will become inescapable.

Gay comments ~

Hello everyone! :v After 4 years of not translating anything from Japanese I’m back! >:v Kufufu *evil laugh*
Haha, Damn it! I can’t believe that I finally finished working with this manga!! XD is that after not translating Japanese for 4 years was difficult, it did not take me too long but yes enough work, especially with the edition!! Because they are 164 fucking pages!! e_ê but I had to translate and edit this manga also into English!! XD
Arghh! It was quite hard! especially the textured pages! Dx  I must say that English is not my first language but I tried my best. I really apologize if I made mistakes! >.<
It's a shameless parody of Sherlock and the Hobbit !! A gay parody of Johnlock, Freebatch also with some of Thilbo and Richartin xD. And it is my duty to feed the fandom and to feed myself! :v I  hope you enjoy this Japanese Benedict and all the gay things he does with this  Japanese Martin a.k.a. Maeda-san ;3 inside there are more notes that I explain in more detail:

I will very thankful if you read and leave some comment ;3
P.S. If someone has a raw of better quality please pass the link ;) don’t forget to buy this manga if you can! ;D

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  1. ahah lol you're funny ! thank you very much for your work !! i saw this manga on myreadingmanga and i was interested !! i'm happy you worked on it ! and i like your english, it's not my first language too but yours is very well !! the tall guy is hot ! :))

  2. thank you so much for your hardwork to tranlsate this ^^